Sunday, February 22, 2009

Well, another week...

Doesn't seem like anything new on the Sword front.

I'm still having a lot of fun with Atlantica, so I don't know when I'll be back.

Just hit level 73 (it goes up to 120, like Sword).

One of the fun things about Atlantica is the PvP tournaments every few hours. Basically you just hit a button to apply, and you automatically get matched up with opponents (8 in a tournament which lasts 80 minutes, one every 10 minutes).

For someone who doesn't normally like PvP, I'm enjoying the heck out of it. I've got like 120 matches so far. My record stinks, 44-75, but I'm still having fun. Up to Division 9 (out of 18).

Although I'm not very good, it's still a thrill when I managed to beat higher level opponents. I just beat a 89 and then a 92! That's a pretty big difference, since you get new gear every 10 levels or so (and I've got nothing special).

The nice thing is you get prizes for winning and even losing. Gold (not CS money, but regular in game stuff) and experience books. You also earn points (either way) which can be used to get stuff.

My internet is really sucking though, and it's problematic because in these fights you only have 25 seconds to move 5 guys. That might not sound so bad, but you have to wait until the attack animations are done to make your next move sometimes (like seeing if you killed a guy or not).

And I'm starting to get a little disenchanted with the quest aspect of the game. There are quests, but the difficulty seems to have been ramped up once I hit 70 (set in Egypt). As either a way to fight botters or sell a CS item, they sneak in bosses with the mobs. I can't beat the bosses, so I have to run from them. And there are a lot, I've been running from half my fights...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Still on hiatus...

Was going to log in if they had any V-day contest. But apparently not, so I didn't. Still playing Atlantica. Just got a horse!

The cash shop is a little expensive there, but you can buy most items. The horse cost me 15.8 million, but goes for $10 in the CS. So far in a month and a half of playing I've earned about 30 million? 25? At my level, 68, I can make half a million a day grinding, about a million by fighting in two full free leagues (PvP), and selling stuff I get adds a lot as well.

Strangely though, the horse was only 15.8 million, but the ratio seems to be about 50-60 million per $10 of CS items. I have no idea why the horse was so cheap, but having a speed boost is useful. Beats walking.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Target Cards now worth more gold!

I've used these, because I've had problems (who hasn't?) with K2's credit card service.

Used to be though it gave you gold according to the old formula, which wasn't a real bargain, but not a ripoff either (especially since I got a $10 surcharge added to the cost when I bought online, thanks to Moneybookers being in a foreign country).

But now apparently, a $15 card gives you 5000 gold and 4 mystery boxes, while a $30 card gives you 11000 gold and 6 mystery boxes.

(Thanks to AllyK/Delacourte for posting this)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ah, only getting one Santa costume after all...

Instead of 5, one for each class, looks like we're only getting 1 costume

I know I'll get a lot of hate here, but we are only giving out one (based on the classes you have, yes you can submit a ticket to change them). It took us 2 weeks to get these out, if we did all 5 we wouldn't be done until summer and that would mean no events until then. So, we're just doing one.

Sorry for the confusion.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Santa suits on the way?

Reports are filtering in on the official message boards that people are starting to get them.

Sort of. Seems like people are getting one suit, of a random class.

(Still playing Atlantica. Up to level 62)