Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Into the Forgotten Zone!

Well, forgotten area. I had never been there before. But they had another contest/promo this week, buy 3 Ancient Area passes or 5 Forgotten Area passes and get 2 100 chips, plus some sort of lottery for extra crap.

Used one already. I was hoping to get enough strange stuff to get Viki finally, but only got 1 clock in about an hour in the zone Which is better than the 2 in all the time I've spent in the regular mansion, but still leaves me 17 short.

Spent some time leveling up my Baek Ho in Tetra. Got 3 harpoons there, useful for vindictive stones. Was hoping to get some Porto Bello uniques, but in about 3 hours there I didn't get any.

Argh, talk about pulling teeth...

K2 finally started giving out prizes/rewards for last weeks Adelina the Pirate promo.

Finally. I could understand having to wait to announce the winners of the UPC cards, but not in handing out the 100 level chips and UAs.

Got the chips, but not the UAs. And I have no idea what I'm going to do with the lacquer I bought, since all my vet weapons are +4. At the time I had plans of selling it, but they aren't worth much, the market being flooded and all, so I guess I'll just hang on until later and hope the selling price goes up. Same with the 100 chips, I've got nothing to use them on, having no unchipped 100 stuff and no ability to get any more.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another visit to the Land of the Dead...

What, I guess 4 months after my first visit, I went back. First to get that Elite Dragon Tooth (second pic) that I had the recipe (and 20 Pure Ottites for) since the first visit. Then a 92 Rapier (Candlestick) for my Karjalain (who is getting close to vet), then another 92 Elite Pistol which I plan on selling or trading for some 84 Elite Leather Armor. And about 20 more Pure Ottites.

And oddly I ran into my friend Featherstrike who I hadn't seen in game for a while (I think he lives in Europe or at least someplace with a vastly different schedule than me). He was in HC and TWP with me. Then he joined Neph, which he quit, and now is in TWP spin-off, Shake the Heavens.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

OT - My Lord of the Rings Character...

While combat is kinda slow in LOTRO, you can customize your characters a lot more (even if the textures and hair sucks). It also has weather and day and night cycles.

Behold Galadthryth of Rohan, 30th Level Champion (on the Landroval Server, where sadly, almost no one talks, either. Once out of the free trial area, there's not a whole lot of people)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm now up to 7 Veterans...

Whee! In the last week, I vetted Val, my Bernelli, and Fiera, my Elementalist.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oooh, goodies from K2

3 angel wings for having veterans, and 500 gold for giving suggestions in some thread.

(Model: Alora, my scout, who I find incredibly cute. For a video game character)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Titan Attack...

The third I've been to

The 6 graces?

This was one somewhat sparsely attended, compared to the other two. But in this picture note 6 different Bernellis (including mine), plus a Musk and a Najib with a rifle. (My musk was using pistols at the time so she's so closer up. She used 16,000 rounds, then had to switch to a rifle)

Just about to fall over

Dead. That guy talking, stockmarket, actually got a drop, but I dunno if he collected it. First drop I've seen from an event boss

Kill-stealed by Catharsis....

You'd think as probably the 2nd top raiding clan on Orpesia, they would have better things to do than hang around Rio Albi killing the Giant Komodo. Much less KS-ing clanless types like myself, for which the Giant Komodo is pretty much the most accessible boss there is.

But you'd be wrong. I was just KSed by Catharsis member Soleil.

As you can see in the pic, my Karjalain clearly has aggros, while the Catharsis guy rushes in with his ranged attackers. Since I don't have much in the way of gear, obviously he out dpses me, and thus gets the drop (I got the talt)

KSed by Catharsis

Man, I knew their standards had slipped when they get McBotters in, but sheesh.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kaput goes my video card...

Sigh. My desktop's video card, and XFX 7600 GS, just died. While I was playing Sword, no less. 2 years almost to the day after my previous card, a 6600 GT croaked.

So I guess I won't be playing Sword much of late. I actually had been playing more, getting a little tired of LOTRO. Not that it's not fun, but it's a lot of work to play, Sword is nice in that you can semi-AFK and play while doing other stuff.

I've been playing with Karjalain, Grace, and my Elementalist. Karjalain is a lot of fun to play, but the other two are better at AFKing. So while they are all now up in their 90s, Karja is only 90th and the other two are near 96th.

I've only got one vet scroll left, so I dunno which one to Vet. Grace, I guess. I'd buy another, but what with needing a new video card and just paying for a lifetime LOTRO sub, I'm flat broke. And all the vis I have in game is going towards Claire. (Already bought the MP for Calyce)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Competition for biggest jerk on Orpesia...

I used to think it was McGeezers of the Autobots (now Catharsis), now I think it possibly could be that Dragonmount guy from Fatal.

Tonight he makes fun of some guy who doesn't speak English that well (and who is obviously a kid), and then when the kid gets angry, starts hassling and mocking him.

As an adult, seeing some kid (or maybe adult) bully a kid just pisses me off. And there's little you can do except insult Dragonmount back. Which doesn't solve anything, either.

Sigh. Makes me remember why I quit playing this game actively.

Titan Attack...

Titan Attack on Sept 7th

This is the second one I've been to, since they started. Didn't get anything either time (the first time I actually dc-ed when it died).

Emilia the Sage comes to Sword...


Basically she's like the regular Emilia, except she doesn't completely suck. She gets more wizard stances, including levitation.

The catch is, though, they aren't giving her out freely, basically a lottery system, a random person buying gold (well, lacquers) this weekend will get her.

Lottery systems and random grab bags are one of the ways a company can squeeze the most possible money out of a devoted fan base. Because people will go crazy trying to get a super-rare item. This is the basis for collectible card (and other) games.

I know K2 has to make money off this game, but cash grabs like this are pretty tacky

Friday, September 5, 2008

Argh! This close to bagging a swamp angler...

I've been stuck on that damn swamp angler part of the Bahamar Quest since, well, about 2 weeks after Bahamar has been released. So what, 4 months? Something like that.

No one in either of the clans I was in wanted to help me (though at least my first helped with 2 of the pioneering seal quests in part one, though I did the others solo as they quickly lost interest in Bahamar). And I never had much luck finding anyone else via broad that wanted to do it.

But tonight I was playing and someone was putting together a squad to kill it! Alas, I was in the middle of doing another quest in an instance (one of the dumb Ustiur farming quests) and by the time I was done, they had killed it. So I missed out. Sniff.

Heh. On my way there, though, I did actually get an item drop, the first I've ever gotten in Bahamar, period (and I've probably spend 15-20 hours there, getting the pioneering seals and the explorer memoes and boxes). Wee, a 84 polearm with no mods. So I can't even trade it in for chips.

Why I don't like big clans...

Recent observations I've made: Apparently Catharsis, who I formerly had some respect for, have admitted McGeezers, notorious botter and all around obnoxious asshole to their clan. (He's one of the main reasons I quit playing actively).

Citadel members also seem to be hunting/camping out the giant komodo boss in Rio. I guess they aren't content to monopolize pretty much every big raid, they have to get the little bosses as well.

While semi-afking at the Old Port of Coimbra, this guy from Lords of Destiny pulls mobs through me, twice. That's annoying because your guys will chase the mob. The first time it was only nearby, but the second time it was right directly through me, I guess deliberately trying to screw me up.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

K2 comes through...

I'm usually not a huge fan of K2, but this time they really came through, finally giving out the costumes as compensation for 2.4 characters who lost theirs.

Really, I never thought it was something they needed to do (and indeed, I spend $20 buying the costumes for my guys from the cash shop in case they ever were removed, since we had warning). So I'm quite happy.

The only one I was really excited about getting was the La Ventisca dress for my elementalist. In the game itself, it's wore by some sort of tranny (like a shrunken Abe Vigoda), which is creepy. But on an elementalist, looks much better. Probably raises the rating of the game to M though (basically the skirt is in shreds, and she's only wearing a thong).

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What's happening on Orpesia this week...

I don't know really (since I haven't played much actively). But it looks like CW this past week as different. Citadel still has a lot of colonies, but Nephilim is down to 5 (they used to have more than Citadel at one point), and Catharsis has made a surprising return to CW. They have 3 clans by my count.

Also a new clan, Maelstrom, has a couple. At least I've never heard of them. And Vespanola has one.

Calyce coming October 1st?

In this post http://forum.swordofthenewworld.com/index.php?showtopic=26910&view=findpost&p=255153

Neume says we'll be getting her in 28 days (which would be October 1st).

Of course, Neume says a lot of things that aren't true. Not that he's deliberately deceptive (other than his denial about the mineral exchanger exploit), he just gets overexcited....