Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another visit to the Land of the Dead...

What, I guess 4 months after my first visit, I went back. First to get that Elite Dragon Tooth (second pic) that I had the recipe (and 20 Pure Ottites for) since the first visit. Then a 92 Rapier (Candlestick) for my Karjalain (who is getting close to vet), then another 92 Elite Pistol which I plan on selling or trading for some 84 Elite Leather Armor. And about 20 more Pure Ottites.

And oddly I ran into my friend Featherstrike who I hadn't seen in game for a while (I think he lives in Europe or at least someplace with a vastly different schedule than me). He was in HC and TWP with me. Then he joined Neph, which he quit, and now is in TWP spin-off, Shake the Heavens.

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