Sunday, February 15, 2009

Still on hiatus...

Was going to log in if they had any V-day contest. But apparently not, so I didn't. Still playing Atlantica. Just got a horse!

The cash shop is a little expensive there, but you can buy most items. The horse cost me 15.8 million, but goes for $10 in the CS. So far in a month and a half of playing I've earned about 30 million? 25? At my level, 68, I can make half a million a day grinding, about a million by fighting in two full free leagues (PvP), and selling stuff I get adds a lot as well.

Strangely though, the horse was only 15.8 million, but the ratio seems to be about 50-60 million per $10 of CS items. I have no idea why the horse was so cheap, but having a speed boost is useful. Beats walking.

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