Sunday, July 12, 2009

An update? Yes, yes there is....

In time for the 2nd anniversary of the game, they finally rolled out the rest (?) of the 2.9 updated, promised so long ago (back in November).

There's an article on it at, which is how I heard. And looking at the comments, it seems that Neume is back on the game as well. While he's a bit weaselly, at least he's not a jerk like that Raiden guy.

Anyway, depending on how things go, I might be back for 3.0, but the rest of 2.9 doesn't seem to have much for me. Claire, which IIRC, requires an obscenely rare monster to kill or get a drop from. And even after you get her, just isn't that good.

I actually am getting a little burned out of Atlantica. But in that case, it's because I've basically reached the endgame. While I haven't reached the level cap (which is 120), I have basically hit their equivalent of "Expert" (113th level), which lets you use the best gear in the game.

In Sword, I'm only 40% to Expert, and that's only for my scout! My fighter and musketeer are only in their 20%s, if I remember correctly. And I would play 7-8 hours a day sometimes. Maybe if I ever get a better internet connection and can afk all day. But that doesn't seem likely.

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Mindy said...

Haha, wish I can go back to sword as well, but just can't seen to do eet x(