Wednesday, August 13, 2008

2.4 Costume Restoration is finally here!

Looks like if you had a cash shop costume, you are out of luck, but otherwise you can pick a costume for each character that lost the costumes in the recent expansion.

Honestly, a lot of the costumes just suck, so no big deal picking out the new ones. But for fighter it was a tough choice between Bone Frame and Metallic (the latter looks nice on a female fighter at least). I went with Bone Frame.

There were no good options for Scout (glad I bought the School Uni from the Cash Shop). I went with Rescue.

For my female Musk, I went with the Dragoon Coat (ooh, fishnets), Elementalist I went with that La Venticia thing (I have a bunch of costumes for her in game, anyway), and my female wizard I went with the mutation costume (I had the original wiz outfit on her).

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