Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Some Orpesian gossip...

Looks like my former 2nd clan, the Wolf Pack (of which I was a member for a whopping 2 1/2 weeks), has disbanded and reformed under a new name.

Why? I dunno, the specifics, only what I heard. I had heard the leaders had been having some real life issues, causing them to not be in the game all that much (indeed, that was my experience with them, when I was a member, I rarely saw the leaders).

What these issues were, I dunno, I heard things from ex-members, but I'm not going to repeat them (since I promised not to). Hopefully they seem to be resolved.

However, in the mean time, the vice of TWP, Slythe, apparently got demoted for reasons unknown (he apparently had been keeping the clan together in the leaders absence). Once he got demoted, a bunch of people quit the clan, either thinking the clan was dead, or upset that Slythe was treated poorly (he's a pretty good guy, though I never talked to him much, either, actually, when I was a member). Then things were quiet for a while, the leaders of TWP came back and haughtily announced they were forming a new clan.

Why was a new clan necessary? Beats me.

Anyway, it seems to be some of the trouble with clans is how the game handles clans. When the leader of a clan has real life issues, the rest of the clan is somewhat paralyzed. It should be possible for the leader to resign the leadership to someone else, and at least one vice should have th same powers as the leader.