Wednesday, January 28, 2009

That's a relief

Take this as fact, I got this from our CEO, COO and VP of Game Operations today. SWORD OF THE NEW WORLD HAS NO INTENT OF CLOSING ANYTIME SOON!

I am sick of hearing about these rumors by former disgruntled employees. We are not closing, we have no intent to close and we have a full staff around the world working on the title on a daily basis (including myself).

I gotta say, the lack of 3.0 (or all of 2.9) has made me wonder about the future of the game. But Neume just today said the above.

I'm still having fun with Atlantica, though. Just turned 52nd and a couple days ago got my 9th Mercenary, the Beast Tamer. She's an axe wielding chick that rides a tiger. Pretty soon though I'm going to have to decide whether or not to spend money on the game. It's like Sword in that you have multiple characters. But each "room" to store a character beyond the 9 you use costs $5

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