Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Time for a break, I guess...

Well, the search for a new clan has been futile, with only Telos showing any interest (and much thanks to the leader of Telos, it's nice someone at least asked. And nothing against Telos, I'm just incompatible, personality wise, with one of its members, his broads drive me up a wall).

I suppose I could get in a couple others, but as my experience with Core has shown, I want a clan that actually wants me in it, and will do things with me, not one that just lets me tag along for stuff.

And despite a large number of MBs, no Emilia the Sage. I did trade one Iron Chef Panfilo for Soho the Fighter, but honestly, I get kinda bored with melee fighters these days.

So, it's either back to LOTRO (which I'm also kinda tired of, it's really grindy, so much of the player population is at max level, so the lower levels are the game are empty, making grinding the only real option to level up, as opposed to group quests), or maybe a couple other "free" MMORPGs.

Thanks to an unexpected, but sadly brief, uncapping of my speed, I was able to download the clients for both Megaten Online and Atlantica (4 gigs worth) in only a few hours. Tried Atlantica in the Closed Beta, but the client wasn't updatable once they went live for some reason, and never got around to re-downloading it again. Didn't love that game, but it wasn't bad.

Megaten Online is an offshoot of the console games. Set in Post Apocalyptic Tokyo. Seems okay, though click heavy.

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