Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another week...

Still doesn't look like any word of update on a patch for Sword. The new AM Guin seems to be about as good at saying nothing as Neume.

In my own MMORPG news, I'm up to level 89 in Atlantica. For that game, "Vet" is really at 95, so I'm getting close. I wouldn't say I'm burning out of it, but I've heard bad things about the end game. So I don't know how much longer I shall play. It's been fun though.

LOTRO also came out with a big patch, a gig's worth, adding a new Elf area. I haven't even made it to Moria yet, but I logged in and played a few hours.

They changed the xp requirements for levels in that, to make leveling slightly easier (or smoother). In approximately 190 hours playing it, I had reached level 37. The changed xp chart bumped me up to 38 4/5s.

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