Monday, March 30, 2009

OT: Killed my first Spartan (and Pirate, too)

Still happily playing Atlantica Online. Reached 95, which is basically their equivalent of "Veteran". The slog to 120 (I guess their version of Expert) is pretty slow, but there are steps between the the two, unlike in Sword.

Anyway, I'm advancing pretty well in the automated PvP tournaments. My winning percentage is a pretty steady 44%, but winning 3 out of 8 still brings me in about 5 million per tournament, which isn't bad.

Just recently, I ran into two of the higher types of mercenaries available in the game (B Grade). They cost hundreds of millions (or billions) to acquire in game and are really tough apparently.

And yet while I didn't win, I came pretty close, despite having guys about 5 levels lower and mostly D grade ones.

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