Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Here comes the "Expansion"

Really just patches 2.5/2.6, I guess they call it an expansion for marketing purposes. But they have made some new changes and added a new area, so its something. Only one UPC though, Vicente

I dunno if I want to get Vicente or not. He's not that expensive, apparently only 20 upgrade accelerates (or 850 gold, I think).

What I do want though are the 100 level polishers. At least for armor. I'm still using level 80 armor. The level 100 polishers do make some of my weapons obsolete. I spend what, 45 million on my Pizzaro (20 for the MSP, 12 for the cap sickle, plus 20 upgrade accels and enchant boosts). It's so sweet though. And I bought a sniper rifle for 20 million, then 6 million on upgrade accels for that and a few enchant boosts.

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