Monday, June 23, 2008

Well, so much for being in a clan.

Well, I lasted about a month, but finally called it quits. There were a lot of little things, but the final straw was when they did their first boss raid and never bothered to tell me about it.

Now admittedly, since they did it on Saturday morning, I likely would have passed if they had asked me, since I like to sleep in on Saturdays. But how about at least mentioning it to me? Like "Hey Jeremy, we're thinking about doing a raid and we'd like you to be there." or even just putting a notice in the clan message or on their website. I mean, I play every day, and I checked the website daily as well. It's not like I was one of the members that was never around.

But at the same time, they bring in other non-clan members to help. I mean, thanks a lot. I stuck with the clan when there were only 4 active members, 2 of which completely ignored me to flirt with each other (which is creepy as one is apparently a high school kid and the other married). I stuck with the clan when all day the other 3 just AFKed on the beach, and I just talked to myself. I stuck with the clan when the leader didn't remember I was in it on the Gamefaqs message board (where I've known the leader for 5 months). I stuck with the leader when she had us all help her alt account get another Catherine and level it on the beach (yay!, fun for all the clan). I stuck with them when the leader tried to weasel a ring from one of your lower level members during a mission lobby, whining she never got anything good (despite getting an insistendo ring the week before in one). And in both cases, I provided the mission lobbies.

And for my patience, how was I rewarded? By being ignored the first time the clan did something major.

Geeze, I'm 36, so you'd think I'd be too old for that sort of drama. But being left out is never fun at any age, I guess.