Thursday, June 26, 2008

Well, the patch is live...

It's like a whole different game.

Well, not really. But it does feel different, like a remix or expansion pack (so I guess that name was justified after all). A lot of the text is different. For instance, on items, instead of saying the class name in a small font, it uses a 3 letter abreviation in a large font. Characters now have more stats, like sonic resistance and a couple others. Things are a little different.

I was going to buy upgrade accels on the market, but there were only 10. So I didn't get Vicente. All my mysterious powders had been sold, which I were hoping wouldn't be, since I needed them for buying the new veteran equipment (had 24, which let me buy 2 metal and 1 leather armor). I had some left, but I was saving those for my next trip into the LoD.

Sadly though, no 100 level enchantment chips to be found. I got the armor, but with the chips, no bonuses, which make them worse than my current armor in all respects except DR (which is 3 better). I imagine the prices of those will be in the roof for the next week or so, along with Upgrade Accels. I paid 650k a piece for the 10 I bought. Which is basically just spending the money I made off the powder.

Also a big change - the costumes on pre 2.4 characters are now gone. I had bought the school outfits for my scout and fighter in case this day came (and paid 4000 gold for the school pack). Ironically though my fighter now wears a mutation costume costume. But my scout wears the school outfit, which I really like the look of (and my musk, too. Looks ugly on the wizard and elementalist, and so-so on the female fighter)

Added more options, like being able to ignore clan, squad or group chat invitations. Sound seems more muddled, though.

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