Friday, June 27, 2008

Nocturnal Sonata - The aftermath

Well, just some observations.

The market for 100 level enchantment chips has exploded. People are selling them for 10 million. I don't know if they are selling at that price, but lots of people have them up for that much.

I bought one for 3.5 after the patch, which I thought was exorbinant, but wanted to chip my Scout's armor (since she's the one having trouble staying alive). Now I wish I had bought more. I don't even know where they come from, I've gotten one 96 piece of equipment from killing the Phob. General in Topolo. (Which I've killed about 10 times). I've never seen anything higher than 92 drop in the 100+ areas I've been in.

The lower levels seem quite a bit harder. I broke down and bought Vicente (who I named "Barry" in honor of "Barry the Bard" one of my characters from "The Bard's Tale", the first CRPG I played by myself). I'm not sure how good he will be, basically he seems to be just another elementalist. I only got him up to 20th or so, though

There seems to be a lot of reported lag. I've had some, but it doesn't seem that worse from when I was in the Land of Death (where I DC-ed about 6 times, and died once thanks to a lag spike). So I dunno.

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