Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Still clanless...

Maybe it's just me, but it's hard finding a decent clan.

If you go with a big, established clan, then you miss out on all the stuff like clan quests and learning how to raid. And to a certainly extent, you feel like a free loader, since you are gaining a +2 family level and possibly colony buffs for something you had no part in.

If you go with a small, newer clan, then you don't get to do stuff like colony wars. And there's no guarantee you will ever do clan quests or raiding, because the other members won't bother to tell you they are doing that.

Also, beyond that, there's finding people you fit in with. In my old clan, it was always awkward, because there were like 5 existing members who were friends. They'd really never talk to me while they were on, even if they were actually on and not AFKing, instead talking with each other. And then when the clan finally got some new people, it was like in a clump, and they all talked to each other (and some were already friends from other games). At least then they actually talked to me and I made some friends (ironically, one I talk to more after leaving the clan than when I was in it).

When I posted about looking for a clan on the official boards I had several offers. The first, Dark Carnival. They seem like nice people, but at the same time, I think they are fans of that rap group that copied Kiss (with the face paint), Insane Clown Pack or something. .I don't think I could take regular doses of that sort of stuff.

Then there is Kazouku. I can't stand one of their leaders. Kept arguing with him/her over broads because he/she kept insulting new people asking questions via broad, making fun of them. Which is just not very nice, and ultimately not good for the health of the game, either.

Catharsis. While they seem active enough, they also have a lot of members I just don't like. A couple smaller clans, one in gibberish speak which I can't spell and one just starting out whose name I can't remember. The first just has a terrible name, the latter, well, in theory it would be okay, but I don't want to waste another month of doing nothing in a clan.

Autobots - Uh, no, particularly given the first member of it I ever saw was probably the server's most notorious botters

The Wolf Pack. They seem to be a very nice clan, though bigger than I would have personally liked. They asked me 3 times, 2 times missing me, but on the third I agreed, only to find I still had a waiting period. But then they never got around to asking again, so I've been having second thoughts.

Part of me wants to just take a break from the game. But having tried most the other free MMORPGs, I really don't like them much. For one, I'm lazy, I hate having to click everything I target. Or move my guy exactly. I've gotten used to the auto attacks and the pathfinding in the game.

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