Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sigh - I hate clans...

I really should just stop playing this game, I guess. It's more aggravation and feeling left out than anything else.

Part of the reason I left my first clan (HadesCovenant) was they never really did anything, and the one time they finally did do a raid, they didn't tell me about it or invite me.

They also didn't help me with any of the high level quests I needed help on, like fighting the Swamp Angler to do the Bahamar quest, or the Katovic quests. I know some people say they are easy to do solo, but I just don't have the gear for it.

So when I posted looking for a clan, I specifically mentioned I was looking for help on those things.

When I joined the second clan, it was pretty much the same as the first. No one ever did anything except AFK, really, except some AFKed in Forgotten Areas. Tried to get help to do the Swamp Angler in particular, but no one wanted to.

Anyway, I've mentioned why I quit them. But today I hear they are finally helping some members kill the Swamp Angler. Arrrrrrrrrrrgh! I've been wanting to kill him for months.

Ugh, maybe it's me? Maybe people just don't want to do things when I'm around.

But I dunno why. I go out of my way to help others. I pretty much am not nice to people only after they've done something to me to really piss me off.