Saturday, July 26, 2008

Some fun in the game, actually...and then not...

I helped some clan do the level 51 quest, along with a bunch of others. It always seemed strange to me that clan members would get non-clan people to do their quest. But in this case, I think the clan just had one member. Anyway, I helped out. Didn't do much, since we had a couple of experts along, but I was proud that I was the only non-expert (I think one other) that didn't get completely killed while fighting the final boss.

But then tonight, during CW, being clanless, I wasn't going to pay attention. But then the jerk leader of the Autobots has to insult my old clan (TWP - which I have no ill will against, they might have gotten me harassed by the Autobots and ganked, but are basically a bunch of nice people and don't deserve to be harassed by someone who cheats).

So I fire back a shot or two, and get a bunch of people mad at me. And one of the Autobots vices to apparently admit they botted. (They dared me to prove it, which is pretty much an admission.)

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WW said...

Nice blog. It's refreshing to see how the other servers (ie. Orpesia) are doing.