Saturday, July 5, 2008

Drama with my old clan, *sigh*

Out of the blue today I get a PM on the official forums from one of the leaders of my old clan (which I never mention the name of on the forums, since I don't want to bad mouth them publicly - I know there's here, but no one ever reads this).

"Blah blah, you should have told us you were unhappy. The raid which you weren't invited to (which was my final straw and why I quit) wasn't planned"

My first reaction, was when, exactly should I have said this? 2 of the 3 leaders were on actively maybe 2 hours a day, and when they were on, they mostly chatted with each other. Am I supposed to break in and say "Hey, this clan sucks"?

But beyond that, I know I've told them at least a few times when they did talk to me, that I did want to raid sometime. Or go into the Land of Death.

But somehow, they could never find the time to do that with me. Of course, the day the 2nd leader gets a veteran fighter ( a gift from a player quitting the game), boom, they are off raiding without me (inviting non-clan members, no less)

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