Monday, July 14, 2008

K2 finally comes through on Anniversary Stuff...

Whether it was just them being late or being nagged to death, K2 came through today with goodies for the anniversary.

10 Karjalain boxes and a Le Blanc Costume. Personally I would have preferred gold, but something is better than nothing.

Also they mentioned they didn't do the boss event, because the servers were too full. Brilliant explanation!

Lets say for the sake of argument that's true (which I doubt), does it make sense to advertise the anniversary, including sending out email to members, get them to log in, and then have nothing? Even a really laggy event is better than disappointing all those people who returned to the game for one day to see what they got or what's happening. How many people hadn't played in a while, logged in, saw nothing happen, then completely uninstalled Sword from their computer, never to play again? More than a few, I bet.

And for f's sake, how hard is it to communicate with players? Have an AM in game say "Ooops, we're posting the boss and prize event a few days", or a post on a message board, or even send out a mass mailing. All of a minute or so?

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