Sunday, July 20, 2008

Well, another clan gone...

My time in the Wolf Pack was pretty brief, 2 1/2 weeks, not quite enough to move past "Trial" status (would have been later today, I guess, they updated status on Sunday night, I think).

All in all, other than the colony buff and colony wars, it wasn't better than my old clan. Still no raids. No squadding in the high level areas where I need help with the quests. (Heck, there's almost no one high level in the clan to squad with, to be honest).

I could have lived with that though, except we got stuck in a permawar with Fatal and the their proxies, the Autobots (lead by the Cath3rine botter guy). Which mean I could no longer AFK, as the Autobots would camp over me or Fatal would kill me while AFK (or ambush me when I got back with spinelles to get rid of the KSers).

Which would be fine, but when I told my clan mates I was getting killed by Fatal and KSed by the Autobots, none of them offered to come help me. Maybe they couldn't do much, since like I said, there aren't a lot of vets in the clan, but at least some effort would have been nice. I've helped them whenever they ran into a KSer or something similar, why not show me the same respect?

The trouble with clans, is that clan spirit and togetherness always seems to be a oneway street. They're always eager to let you help them out, but when you need help, it's like crickets chirping in the woods.