Friday, July 25, 2008

Baek Ho is here!

Well, two days ago at least. He's another martial artist, and cash shop UPC that takes 50 MP.

I thought about getting him, but only had 36 MP and not enough vis or gold to get more, so it was an easy decision. Instead I put them on the market manager at a premium. 505k each. They all sold, too.

I hate to gouge people, but since I'm likely not going to spend any more cash on this game (since I've just sprung for the lifetime LOTRO membership, at $200) and don't have a way to make much money in game anymore (with the price of 84 chips going down and my fighter over 10%, making killing the Komodo in Rio Albi less profitable, since I get fewer drops).

I don't know if I should buy MP again when the price drops (which is how I got the MP in the first place, buying when it was 350k or less each), or buy a MSP for an 92Elite Bracelet the next time I go to the LoD (though this would likely mean less powder).

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