Friday, July 25, 2008

Heh, more fun with the Autobots...

As mentioned, Baek Ho was released 2 nights ago. Last night the head of the Autobots was bragging via broad that he was already selling a vet Baek Ho, saying he got him to vet already because he used so many EXP cards on him.

Some people were dubious via broad, so I broaded something like

"Considering how much he bots, it's hardly surprising."

Heh. This must have gotten under his skin, because moments later he broaded back something like

"VonBel likes it up the bum, Fukoff!!!!"

I was irked by his bragging, so I was already logging off, so I only saw his reply a moment before the game quit. But it made my night. I wish I had a screen cap of it to use in my sig for the Sword boards, though.

Then tonight, because the LOTRO servers are down (the most recent update has been very buggy, alas), I was leveling up some guys in Jezebel Glen. Cullen, my 38 level Musk, Opehlia by 44 level Fighter, and Lia, my 43 level Emilia.

Along comes a guy from the Autobots. Around my levels, and he didn't harass me. So I wasn't going to do or say anything. But then I watched him, and it sure looked like he was botting. Not the most sophisticated one, either, the sort that RMT bots used to use ages ago.

So the more I watch, the more I get pissed off. Even had a gibberish name like the RMT bots. So finally I get mad and use a bunch of mystic spinelles, killing both of us.

Part of me feels remorseful if the person was innocent. But the Autobots as a clan did seem to be harassing any TWP members after the last CW, behavior that should be unacceptable to any good hearted members.

Heck, part of the reason I left TWP, besides getting tired of being ganked by Fatal and harrassed by the Autobots over the last CW, was that the clan message was to Kill all Fatal Members on sight. If you've got a problem with a clan, you should take it out on the specific members you have a problem with, or the leaders. Not bystander members.

Yeah, I know, big talk for someone who spinelled a 40 level Autobots member. But I wouldn't have done that if I honestly didn't think he was botting.

I guess during the next CW, I will see if anyone fighting the Autobots wants a non-clan member to squad with, to serve as a rezzer. Cheating, but then what the AB do isn't exactly playing kosher, either.