Thursday, October 9, 2008

Calyce is finally coming (next week)

We should be getting an update next week, including Pets, Fesos, some other crap, but most importantly, Calyce!

I've had 50 mp set aside for her for months, and finally I shall have her. It's almost here.

Of course, it's from Neume, so take it with a huge grain of salt.

Ok, next topic. On patch day (a week from today) players will be able to add sockets to their items by talking with Claire (she won''t be available as a UPC just yet). Players will also be able to obtain jewels and socket them into their newly socketed items (Claire does this too).

After you do that players can head to the Pet Master in Gigante Beach and get their first pet: Poppet. He likes to pick up things for you... BUT you gotta remember to feed him. The pet food for him can be found on the Feso Exchange.

Feso will also be immeadiately available on the Bazaar. Just purchase an Earthstone and take it to the Feso Exchange. Players can also get Feso Stones by completing Andre''s UFC and killing monsters in the Forgotten and Ancient Areas. We will have additional ways to get these as well (e.g. AM Events, Community Events, F2P Promotions and Raid drosps).

The Feso Exchange will be live on Wednesday. This will change a few things on the Bazaar. From now on, most temporary items (excluding Premium Back costumes) will ONLY be available on the Feso Exchange. Consumables and Permanent items (as well as packages) will be what the Bazaar focuses on. What this means is that most of the powerful Cash Shop items will be available to all players through the Feso Exchange.

Wednesday will bring a host of other minor changes I have already posted about in my other thread. There is more I haven''t talked about yet and we will have more patches on the way before we get into Echoes of an Empire (anticpate an Update 5, 6, 7 and possibly 8).

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