Thursday, October 30, 2008

Scenes from the Halloween Event

Done two, haven't gotten anything

First time in, I lagged for 30 seconds, then got killed by something. The lag was so bad I couldn't see anything. So eventually I logged out.

Second time, I waited a bit, then entered. Less lag, I guess because it was 5 am and less players. A bunch of Thoros wandering around. These were killed by the mob of players

Then I think some Fallen Knights (guys on big horses). Again, killed.

Then a big raid boss appeared. This lasted awhile, then it got killed. Lots of drops, but I didn't get any.

Then a little while later, a giant treasure chest appeared. Killed it, only one person got something (chips?)

Then the AM appeared, and we had some more Thoros. I actually got a drop from one of those. I think leather boots. Whee!

I guess better than nothing, but compared to events in other games, pretty lame, IMHO.

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