Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What's the deal with guys harassing women?

Seriously, I don't get it. Two examples from tonight.

First off, my own clan, there was this 16 year old kid. For some reason, pretty much every time she came on, this guy would harass her. Talking about her chest, really stupid attempts to flirt with her, then tonight he starts blathering about her "time of the month" and PMS and stuff. So she gets pissed and quits the clan. Not that I blame her. I'm surprised she lasted that long. I was pretty close to quitting the clan myself (and still am, actually. Most the people are really nice, but there are always some in a clan that irk you. Maybe I'm just not a clan person...)

Secondly, with Catharsis falling apart again, out of the ashes has arisen a couple of clans, including the all-female Femme-Fatales. And yet pretty much every time they shout a recruiting message, they get subjected to some sort of harassment or snarky comment (like in the SS above). The wit later PMed me, saying there are no women on the internet (after I pointed out by his logic, the Brazilian clan was faking it as well).

Yet, we have clans full of Brazilians (as mentioned), Spanish speakers, even for a while, one full of Russians. I don't remember any of them being bothered like that, except when the Russians would use Cyrillic letters. And that was just making fun of the fact that no one else could even see the letters (since no ones but Russians have that font installed) and it just showed up as squares.

Seriously, just because someone in the game is a woman, doesn't mean you have to flirt/hit on her; make comments about her anatomy, or really, treat her any different than a guy, really. And same goes if they (or any other group) want to form a clan. Personally, it makes more sense than the one by country, because to me at least, one of the cool things about the internet is meeting (and playing games with ) people from all over the world.

I have no idea why people do that. I swear, the internet didn't used to be like that. Maybe it's kids are just getting more and more socially awkward, they don't meet girls/women in real life, so online they act like total asses towards them. Maybe it's the rampant sexism in the political campaign and media, first against Hillary, then against Palin. Maybe it's anime, which in my small experience, has creepy views towards women.