Friday, October 17, 2008

Thoughts on the patch (so far)....

Calyce is pretty cool. Only got her up to 49, but the Escrima stance isn't nearly as bad as I feared (in fact, I think I'm going to try a Lisa after I'm done with Calyce).

The pet quest is pretty evil, killing cute little furry animals.

The tweaked UI skin took a little getting used to, but seems to be a lot better.

The whole fesos thing has prices in an uproar. As well as the massively upgraded Bellem's boxes, which now drop mission lobbies, keys to instances, dyes, jewels (including high quality gems) as well as the occasional talt.

I'm not sure the fesos thing is going to make the game more friendly to non-uber people, since they are apparently available in PY, which means experts are going to crawl all over it (that was the case when my clan tried it, I got stomped, then lagged out). And people are going to be hunting all the mini-bosses to get jewels for the socket machine

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