Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another Clan Wars...

Dang, this was much easier when I was in a clan that had Citadel fight for us.

We declared on Neph, like usual. But then Maelstrom declared on us. So we had to fight Neph and Maelstrom. Which is pretty silly, as we really aren't a match for Neph alone. But they seem to be afraid of us for some reason.

We attacked Old Port of Coimbra. This was tough for some of our lower level guys, but every bit helps.

Did okay, but eventually we got overwhelmed by Nephs Experts (I think they have as many as we have vets, or close to it). I managed to take out a couple before getting killed, which is a nice feeling.

Then we regrouped and attacked Maelstrom at Tejeda Verde (top picture). This was more successful, we actually got the colony to about half before Mael stormed us, including former elements from my first backstabbing clan. (Boo!)

We do okay in colony wars, but our trouble is we never have any help from the other clans. We had a little from Fatal, one guy, Dragonmajere (who was 77th), but none from the other clans, really. (Telos apparently wared with Mael for a while).

We're going to have to be closer allies if we want to beat the Neph-Mael alliance.

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