Saturday, November 8, 2008

Colony Wars fun and Citadel finally opens Caebolen

All in one screenshot. Bottom shows our failed assault on Deserted Quay, and you can see who killed the Giant Keeper in the announcement field.

Top two show us getting ready for our assault on Deserted Cliff. This didn't go any better, sadly, though at least we damaged the colony. But then Neph's experts warp in and we're toast.

Calyce was fairly effective in CW, though not an unstoppable killing machine. The trick is getting burst shot off while the whole family is within range, then following it up right away with sub-machine shot while they are still on the ground.

Sounds easy, but the way people run around and all the lag, it's kinda hard. I managed it once, taking out 2 families , but that was pure luck.

Also, once you first burst shot, you're out of luck in terms of combat for a good minute until it recharges. Plus, the damange might not be enough to take out Experts.

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Mark said...

Another fun week with you guys attacking us from every angle! It was exciting seeing four or five clans at war with us, and then having to fend you all off.

By the way, I ran by you in game and was about to say, "Hey! I read your blog!" But then shyness kicked in. >_<;;