Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Woohoo, finally vetted Calyce...

I say finally, but it's 2 1/2 weeks, which is by far a record for me. I can't actually believe there are Expert Calyces running around, but I guess it's technically possible legally. I'm worn out just getting her to Vet so quickly, though.

So far though, I'm pretty impressed. Her non-vet crossbow stance sucked, to put it mildly, but Sagitta, her vet one, is pretty nice. I guess it's pretty much comparable to a shotgun, it does splash damage and is pretty fast.

But the skills are what sets it apart. To go along with her normal built in buff, there's another one. Both of which can give you an extra AR if you have a ring for it to make it level 11.

Then there are 2 AoE attacks. One for only 5 enemies, so mostly for PvP, but the other for 15! Then a skill that immobilizes an opponent, and finally, one that makes her invisible.

Have only gotten the first AoE attack and seems easily interupted. Also the glow on the 92e crossbow isn't very impressive, just like little purple, blue and white sparkles glued to it.

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