Friday, December 5, 2008

Core (clan) is born...

I don't really like the name (I wanted Sky), but it got the most votes. So the clan has (hopefully) been reborn as "Core". We almost immediately did the 51 and 52 quests.

Hopefully we can get most, if not all of the old members. The leader of No_NeeD has apparently quit to join Maelstrom, so there's not much point in people staying. OTOH, the new clan seems to be more focused than the rather loose No_NeeD, and I think that might cause some members to quit, not join, or get kicked out due to inactivity. Me possibly for the latter as well, as the rules seem kinda strict.

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Coetzer said...

Hello Core,

I'm the clan leader of Onslaught, and I was wondering if you would be interested in becoming allies. You can reach me at .

Thanks for your time,
Eriki Coetzer