Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas (events)

Well, no patch, but K2 at least tried to do something...

First off, they gave out a free christmas hat and a free rudolph hat.

Secondly, they had sort of a treasure hunt game. An AM would give clues and you'd go to the next location. The first place was the clock in Rebo, then under the statue in FJ, the third was the beach, and that was as far as I got. Something about where treasure is hidden and evils lay unbidden. I thought first Fire Island (since they have the treasure hunt there). But no. Then the treasure quest in the quay. And apparently not that, as I was still wandering around when the contest was over.

Thirdly, there was a boss event (I guess). Said that Jack Frost and the snowmen were under the control of Novia, and to go outside Auch, Ch 2.

So I went. And there was a crowd. A huge crowd. More people than I think I've seen ever at an event. The lag was immense. Didn't help that at least 4 people brought Vikis and summoned those giant robots. Why do people do that? I don't know.

Anyway, I really had no idea what was happening for most of it, I stayed out by the edge of the crowd and occasionally killed stuff. What, I really didn't know, since I couldn't really see it. But the only drops I got were 9 Cabosse 99% (from the Valentines's event, I think). Never actually saw a proper boss, just mobs, really.

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