Sunday, December 21, 2008

State of the Game...

This seems to be a period of great turmoil, not just for me, but the game as a whole.

On the official front, it's now only a few days from Christmas and not only do we not have a holiday patch, there's no signs of us ever getting Claire and the rest of 2.9.
We may or may not get some events, like mystery boxes, but Neume could be talking out of his ass (which he does a lot). What's the deal behind the lack of further patches? Is K2 late on payments to IMC? Or some sort of disgruntlement between the two? Or does IMC just suck?

On Bristia, there is a raging scandal brewing, regarding the duping of items. I don't know how it works, but apparently people there have tons of +8 Serpent gear. Apparently some people were banned by K2, but apparently then later reinstated, complete with duped stuff. So the honest folk there are up in arms.

On Illier, apparently 1 of the 4 people playing there has also been using the dupe trick, only with fesos.

On Orpesia, there doesn't seem to be a major problem with duping, except for a mysterious seller of cash shop stuff (most notably of Mysterious Powder). All the excitement has been player done, with a serious shakeup in the power structure.

Citadel, the former top clan, appears to be no more, with only 1 member remaining (its leader). In colony wars, the new big clans appear to be Aegis (the people who split off from Citadel) and Elysium (who had been a fairly hard core raiding clan, but just entered CW two weeks ago). Telos has a couple colonies, so does Unaio BR. Maelstrom is still hanging on to a few, but Neph is down to one.

What does the future hold for Orpesia? While several long time players who had been getting bored with the game have apparently decided to stay thanks to recent events, the former statis quo getting shaken up might not have good long term effects. Citadel, for all its dominance, was a fairly benevolent overlord, not hogging stuff too much (not like the horror stories I've heard from Bristia). Will that be true for the new ones? And where will the ex-Citadel people that didn't join Aegis go?

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Ashardalon said...

I don't think the lack of X'mas update in SotNW has to do with IMC, since other editions of GE are getting their X'mas stuffs just fine.

It's probably just K2. They need to get their act together. It's kinda disappointing.