Thursday, December 18, 2008

Well, no more Core for me...

Lasted only 2 weeks. Seemed longer than that.

Most the guys in it were really nice and I'll miss them. But at the same time, the clan was just too hard core for me, I guess. Half the people (or so it seemed) turning Expert and now doing stuff I just couldn't do, like Secret Temple (from what I've read). And really Vergo even, I basically invited myself along for that and got clobbered.

And since becoming Core (and everyone went expert), seemed like doing the stuff that I could do less. Like Diablo. In No_NeeD, we'd try to do it a couple times a day. In two weeks of Core, we tried it I think 3 times, only winning FC once. And never the Angler, which we'd do sporadically.

Not that I blame them. Screwing around with Diablo can take 20 minutes or more (like 5-10 minutes just putting the talt in, then firecracking, etc) and the rewards are pretty minor comparatively - maybe a 96 or 84elite drop, a couple chips. Not much compared to Vergo or I guess what drops in Secret Temple.

But at the same time, I was pretty much back at the starting point, where all I did in the game was run around Rio Albi killing the Komodo for 92 chips. Compared to that, whatever dropped from Diablo was pretty decent, and my main (only?) source of 100 chips. So I liked doing it.

I guess I should find a clan that does Diablo regularly. But the only clans that used to show up there were Mael and sometimes Neph.

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